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What MEPIS Users Say

Downloaded and installed M11 last night and was so impressed by the speed and the fact that everything just worked beautifully using the...

Mepis 11 is the Shiznit!!! A huge Kudos to the dev team on this one. I've been using Mepis since the 6.5 days and have upgraded to every...

I have worked in the industry as a consultant and programmer for too many years to want to think about it (but it's over 30!). A lot of my...


MEPIS Linux is a user-friendly operating system based on Debian Stable that “just works”. It comes live, meaning it runs from your CD/DVD or USB drive so you can use it on your Windows or Mac machines without installing. Clicking an icon on your desktop will step you through what is arguably the easiest Linux installer around, and you will be up and going in no time. MEPIS comes with much of the software most users need, and hundreds of additional open-source programs are just a click away--Community members keep you up-to-date. Finally, great user support is available from a complete Manual, a rich Wiki, and a very friendly Forum.

MX-14 Final

"MX-14 "Symbiosis" is a special version of antiX developed in full
collaboration with the Mepis Community and using the best tools and talents
from each distro. It is a midweight OS designed to combine an elegant and
efficient desktop with simple configuration, high stability, solid performance
and medium-sized footprint.

The base depends on the excellent upstream work by Linux, Debian, and Xfce.
MX-14 also incorporates the independent and innovative development products
Whisker Menu, simsu and gottet, QupZilla Browser, smxi and inxi."

We think you will enjoy it!

MEPIS 12 Beta

A new test release of MEPIS 12, version 11.9.86, is available for testing. It may take up to 24 hours for the ISOs to appear at the mirrors.

After extensive experiments, and feedback from the community, it was decided to defer the support for EFI BIOS and GPT drives support. Unfortunately each hardware vendor is implementing the "standard" differently.

This release is believed to be of Beta quality. Please report you test results at

New Mirrors

Thanks to Maksym at, MEPIS has new ISO and package mirrors.


LinuxFormat Praises MEPIS and Anti-MEPIS

LinuxFormat Magazine Issue 147 for August 2011, has a very complementary review of SimplyMEPIS 11.0 and AntiX 11.0, the MEPIS derivative for older hardware. The article isn't published online, so to read it you'll need to get LinuxFormat at a bookstore or news stand.

They say: "The best thing about AntiX, though, is that it doesn't feel like a compromise." And of SimplyMEPIS: "most report excellent hardware support and rock solid stability with above average performance."

How to update MEPIS signing key

The signing key for the MEPIS package pools expired Jan 22, 2011. Who knew we would be around so long?

The attached file is the new public key that you need in order to install MEPIS packages.

To install the key:

Download the key file into a directory of your choice. You may need to right click on the attachment link and select something like "Save Link As..."

In the download directory, open a terminal as root and run this command: apt-key add MEPISdev.asc

This will install the key on the apt keyring.

Then when you use apt or synaptic, the MEPIS pools should work normally.

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