Applicable Licenses

Some MEPIS products are collections of hundreds of software components and each component has it's own end user license agreement. Most of these components are released under an Open Source license agreement. The applicable agreements are usually available in the Linux directory tree at /usr/share/docs/package-name.

Software licenses are explained in detail at WikiPedia

For an explanation from a different point of view, visit the Free Software Foundation.

Some users of MEPIS products may be bound by some or all of the following licenses.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Software License
Agere LT Modem Driver License
ATI FGLRX Driver License
AVM Fritz Firmware License
Intel IPW Firmware License
Intel IPW3945 Daemon License
Macromedia End User Licenses
NVIDIA Driver License
Skype End User License
Sun Java 5.0 Licenses