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2Wire is the manufacturer of the DSL modems offered to customers of AT&T, Juno, Netzero, and others. All DSL modems sold operate on the same basic principles. DSL (digital subscriber line) access uses a single twisted copper wire pair (POTS - plain old telephone service) to offer voice and high-speed data to customers in areas where cable internet might not be available. Acceptable DSL internet service is distance and cable quality limited. 18k feet is about the limit for DSL service from your modem to the network node your connected to, be it a telephone company office, buried or freestanding network node. Line interferance can also affect DSL connections.

Setting up a 2Wire router/gateway is a pretty straight forward process. After powering up the router, connecting the telephone line, and connecting the ethernet cable from the modem to the network interface card in the PC, open up a web browser and using the IP address supplied in your documentation enter that address in the address bar. It should be something similar to 192.168.xxx.xxx. This should bring up a web interface where you can input your supplied key code, user ID, and password. After you've completed this you should be connected to the internet.

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