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802.11x is the name of different wireless standards:

  • 802.11b is the most common for now, it works at 11Mbps speeds.
  • 802.11g is the standard that will probably replace 802.11b it works at higher speeds 54Mbps and it's backwards compatible with 802.11b
  • 802.11a offers a little better performance than 802.11g but has three major drawbacks: limited interoperability (is not compatible with more common standards b and g), less range and higher prices for equipment.more info about 802.11a vs. 802.11b
  • 802.11n is a new proposed standard that has an estimated data throughput of 540 Mbit/s, however the standard is not fully defined. The standardization process is expected to be completed by late 2008.

More info from Wikipedia

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