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ATI cards sometimes do not work well (or at all) with MEPIS 11, leading to symptoms ranging from artifacts to a black screen. Many users have found that this problem can be resolved by booting to the live DVD and adding to the cheatcode line at the bottom:



MEPIS 8 may not work well, or work at all, with some ATI drivers. As one knowledgeable person comments: "in no case should you expect ati drivers to actually run on the latest kernels, they currently require 1 to 2 months to catch up." It is generally recommended that. when unsolvable problems arise on the recent kernels, the user simply consider replacing it with an Nvidia card, since Nvidia is much more responsible in this arena.


!!! Warning! The info contained in this article pertains to older versions of MEPIS !!!

The following is based on testing with MEPIS 7.

ATi : Currently Supported

ATi Fglrx Drivers currently support AIGLX in driver 8.42 and following
Beryl / AIGLX is not supported on Fglrx Driver's 8.41 and previous
  • Radeon 9500 - 9800 series
  • Radeon x300 – x800 series
  • Radeon x1300 – x1900 series (Including x1950)
  • Radeon HD 2000 series - driver support as of driver version 8.41
  • Radeon HD 3800 series - driver support as of driver version 8.43
  • Radeon Xpress 200 series
  • Radeon Xpress 1100 series
  • Radeon 690 series

ATi : Support through Driver version 8.28

These ATi Fglrx supported cards will likely never have AIGLX support added
Beryl is not supported on the Fglrx Driver
  • Radeon 8500
  • Radeon 9000
  • Radeon 9100
  • Radeon 9200
  • Radeon 9250
  • Radeon 9000 IGP
  • Radeon 9100 IGP
  • Radeon 9100 IGP Pro
  • FireGL 8700
  • FireGL 8800

ATi : No Official Linux Driver

These Drivers have no official Linux Binaries or Obsolete Binaries
  • Rage 128
  • Rage XL
  • Rage Pro
  • Rage Maxx
  • Radeon
  • Radeon 7000
  • Radeon 7500
  • Radeon IGP 320
  • Radeon IGP 340
  • CrossFire Support
  • FireGL 1 / IBM Oasis
There is a driver for these FireGL cards, but it requires XFree86 4.0.2
  • FireGL 2 / 3 / 4
There is a Driver for these FireGL cards, but they require XFree86 4.2.0

ATi : Radeon Driver : Supported

  • AMD is in the process of opening up the specifications for the Radeon GPU's. The AtomBIOS has already been opened up. Performance and 3D graphics support should improve on the Radeon driver.
Radeon Drivers support AIGLX
  • Radeon
  • Radeon 7000-7500
TV Out support has been added to
  • Radeon 8500-9250 series
TV Out support has been added to
  • Radeon 9500-9800 series
Driver support is considered Beta
  • Radeon x300-x850
Driver support is considered Beta
  • Radeon Xpress 200m
Driver working as of Mepis 7 Beta 5 on driver

ATi : RadeonHD and Avivo Drivers

Radeon HD is an official Open Source Driver from AMD.

  • Radeon x1300-x1900 Series
  • Radeon HD 2x00 Series

ATi : atitvout

atitvout is an application that assists with TV output settings on Rage 128 and does not in any way work with any other series of ATi cards. No, the IBM Oasis is not supported either::
This utility program may be used for executing several configuration commands for the TV Out connector of ATI Rage Mobility P/M graphics boards under GNU/Linux on i386. Primarily it is intended to enable TV Out support after bootup and for switching the used TV standard from NTSC to PAL. [1]:::
  • Rage 128 Chips in laptops


  • GATOS has been relicensed and is being merged into
GATOS is a suite of applications that are designed to capture video on ATi All-In-Wonder Branded Video cards. This package is in the Ubuntu repositories[2]. According to the Gatos Home Page[3] there are two important drivers, ati.2 and the tv-output module.
  • ati.2
ati.2[4] supports video capture on Rage Theater based Rage 128 cards, as well as capture on Radeon R100 and R200 series cards. These drivers have been merged into as of release 7.0. The list of supported video card inputs are as follows
    • Rage 128
    • Radeon
    • Radeon VE
    • Radeon 7000
    • Radeon 7200
    • Radeon 7500
    • Radeon 8500
    • Radeon 9000-9250 Series.
  • TV-Output Module
The TV-Output Module[5] supports Video output on some Radeon 7000 cards and some Radeon 9000 cards. Currently, the TV-Output module only supports a resolution of 800*600 output in PAL and NTSC. The driver is included with ati.2, which again, is part of 7.0. Known to work cards under the Gatos drivers are as follows:
    • Radeon 7200
    • Radeon 9000
    • Radeon 9200 SE
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