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As of Mepis series 7, this article is not accurate. fglrxconfig fails.

1) install ATI video driver [fglrx], best is to use MEPIS OS Control Center for this. After installing reboot to make sure all works well. [May be able to get away with restarting the X server; "Ctrl + Alt + -" ]

2) backup your orginal xorg.conf file, it lives here; /hda1/etc/X11 (hint use "File Manager - Super User Mode")

3) start up a "Konsole Terminal Program", Su to root. Type in "fglrxconfig" follow the setup prompts. At the end when asked to overwrite orginal xorg.conf file you can choose to or not [you did backup the file didn't you?]. If you choose "Y" the orginal will be replaced, if you choose "N" the file will be written to the root of your home folder and needs to be copyed/moved to /hda1/etc/X11 to over write/replace the orginal xorg.conf file.

4) reboot your computer [May be able to get away with restarting the X server; "Ctrl + Alt + -" ]

5) if this breaks your working setup, i.e. you are unable to start X server or the login screen doesn't come up in GUI mode, first panic for 2 or 3 minutes. When the panic has passed pull out your MEPIS liveCD/install disk, you haven't given it away without making a copy for yourself I hope :-D, and follow the links/instructions below;

What to do when it doesn't work out right first time.

More ATI info:

  1. ATI Radeon howto [1]
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