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Assistive technology



  • Three main tools have been developed by the KDE accessibility team a screenreader, screen magnifier and a mouse tool. To install them use synaptic to get the packages; kdeaccessibility and festival

Adjusting screen font size

Some LCD screens do not interpolate very well, making anything other than the default resolution generate unreadable text. To increase the display font size used by KDE for your user account

  • click on K-Menu > Settings > System Settings.
  • Under Look and Feel, click on Appearance > Fonts, click on the "choose" button for each font and change the size to a higher number, click on OK and repeat for the next font until you are finished, then log out and log back in to see the results.

We recommend only making a one point difference for each font, log out and log back in and repeat if necessary until you are satisfied.

Language localization



Other characters


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