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In many cases, wireless will just work in MEPIS. If not, here are the steps to take to get your wireless working.

  1. Get your wireless working without encryption first.
  2. Configure your card with Mepis Network Assistant (mnetwork), by clicking KMenu --> System --> MEPIS --> MEPIS Network Assistant, or by right-clicking the desktop, click Run command, and enter "mnetwork" without the quotes. On the General tab, click "Manual," and click Apply. Then on the Wireless tab, note the interface (e.g., wlan0) where wireless is located. Enter the name of your network (SSID); you can also enter "any" or "default." Different users have success with different entries here, so try them all. Click Apply. On the Interfaces tab, use the pull-down menu to get to your wireless interface, then click "Start at boot." Uncheck "Start at boot" for any other wireless interface (e.g., eth0 if you have wireless on wlan0). Click "Apply" then "OK." You may have to reboot for the changes to take effect.
  3. If mnetwork doesn't help, try to configure your card in a root Console with iwconfig and dhclient commands. See details in Command_line_utilities.
  4. If you have hardware recognized but are not able to connect, try installing and using a front end such as Wifi-radar.
  5. If your card starts but does not connect, check the "Use static DNS" button on the General tab of MEPIS Network Assistant, and click Apply if necessary. If that works, then reboot, go into Network Assistant again, and try to switch back to "Use DHCP for DNS."
  6. MEPIS 6.5 RC2 contains an upgrade to the latest version of Ndiswrapper. Current users of 6.x who need this upgrade can get it from the MEPIS pools but they need to be sure to also install through Synaptic the latest MEPIS kernel, ndiswrapper, and ndiswrapper-modules that are available for upgrade.
  7. Try entering on a command line as root: modprobe bcm43xx
  8. If still no luck, collect information on 1) your MEPIS version, 2) the output of entering as root iwconfig, lspci -v, and ndiswrapper -l, and post it all on or

For more information, see Wireless_connection.

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