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M8.5 and M11

The firmware can be installed using firmware-b43-installer, installed through Synaptic.


New drivers are now available for M8:

1) Select the Broadcom wl driver from MEPIS Network Assistant for newer cards with the chipset BCM4310 to 4312, BCM 4322, and BCM4328.

2) You may need to use b43-fwcutter on the Windows driver to get the firmware installed. See the Linux Wireless page.


The native driver for Broadcom 43xx cards and winmodems usually interferes with normal operation of wlan0 (Ndiswrapper). If it does (often just works in MEPIS 6.5). it needs to be blacklisted.

  • You need to edit a file with superuser permission. The easiest way for beginners is to use File_Manager_-_Super_User_Mode
  • Enter /etc/modprobe.d/ in the address bar, click open, then open the file "blacklist"
  • Add these lines (including a remark such as the one below to indicate why you are doing this):
         # Interferes with wlan0
         blacklist bcm43xx

Sometimes it helps to remove the all drivers and then reinstall the one for your card.

    ndiswrapper -e <all drivers, one at a time>

Use ndiswrapper to install the broadcom driver from scratch (your original driver software), then as root do "modprobe ndiswrapper." Configure wlan0 with essid and key, if any.

Note: this chipset will also block the operation of knetworkmanager with unencrypted networks, leaving the application hanging at "28%." This is a known bug, see this Ubuntu discussion


Official bcm43xx website


Linux Wireless Wiki

See also Using Ndiswrapper

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