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Cards with ralink 2500 chipsets are normally recognized on the interface ra0 or rausb0 using the native driver that comes with MEPIS 6.5. Here is how to get online with this card:

  • Go through the basic steps, choosing to disable ndiswrapper.
  • Be sure to set it up without encryption first if possible.
  • If it shows up as wlan0, it is usually because Ndiswrapper is using a pre-installed Windows driver. This may cause interference and, if so, you should blacklist it. Right-click on the desktop and choose "Run Command". Type "kdesu kwrite" and the root password when prompted. Navigate to and open the file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and add anywhere these two lines:
#interferes with native driver
blacklist NameOfDriverUsedByNdiswrapper
  • If your card is recognized but you can't set the SSID/ESSID, put the network down first by entering as root:
ifdown ra0 (or: rausb0) 
iwconfig ra0 (or: rausb0) ssid yourname
ifup ra0 (or: rausb0)
  • If problems persist, it may be because of problems with Knetworkmanager. Try
modprobe rt2500

If you now see an entry for ra0, then enter

rmmod ndiswrapper
rmmod rt2500
modprobe rt2500

See also the rt2x00 Project

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