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Apt-get is one of the main CLI tools for installing packages in Debian and MEPIS. It's part of the APT package management system.

Using apt-get

  • Update the list of packages available from Debian and MEPIS repositories with this command:
apt-get update
  • Upgrade your current packages--after updating the list--with this command:
apt-get upgrade
  • Install package with this command:
apt-get install packagename 

(hit TAB once to autocomplete the name, hit TAB twice to display a list of alternatives)

  • you can install multiple packages:
apt-get install packagename1 packagename2
  • Remove installed packages with this command:
apt-get remove packagename

To see other available commands, type:

man apt-get

Instead of apt-get you could also use aptitude which is a similar program, but has some advantages over apt-get.


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