Backing up Addressbook, Email, and Calendar Data

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If you use a client-based (POP3) email program, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, or Eudora, you will want to back up your Addressbook, Email, and Calendar Data before migrating to MEPIS. Most of these programs store this data in hidden, proprietary files, so to back it up you will want to investigate the export capabilities of your software. The following file formats are recommended for export if you want to be able to import the data in MEPIS:

Email (messages)

The safest approach is to export emails to individual text files. Most email clients have this capability.

If you are using Outlook Express, your email data is stored in a .pbx or .mbx file. These can be imported directly into the default mail client (Kmail) in MEPIS. If you are using Outlook, many times there are fewer problems if you import the messages from Outlook into Outlook Express, and then import them from Outlook Express into Thunderbird or KMail.

If you can not boot your Windows machine for some reason, you will have to find the original file by using a LiveCD. Typically, they can be found by going to

C:\Documents & Settings\<UserName>\

then going to the address bar and typing in manually "Application Data" so it looks like

C:\Documents & Settings\<UserName>\Application Data

For particular Windows version, do an internet search on "Outlook file location" or "Outlook Express location."


Export your calendar data to the vCalendar or iCalendar format if your calendar software supports it.


MEPIS's default addressbook software (Kontact) is capable of importing a variety of addressbook formats. The safest, if your software supports it, is CSV. But vCard, Eudora, Exchange PAB, LDIF (Thunderbird), Opera, and GMX formats are also supported.


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