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Beryl is a compositing window manager for the X Window System that has branched off Compiz.



Using Beryl requires that you have a compatible card with glx and direct rendering enabled. This generally means an Nvidia, ATI, or Intel graphics card with drivers properly installed.

You can verify if direct rendering is working with the command:

 glxinfo |grep Direct

Note that just because you have DRI working, it does not guarantee that beryl will work with your card.

Beryl requires support of AIGLX


Beryl is preinstalled with MEPIS 6.5. It can be installed through Synaptic on earlier or later versions of MEPIS, but it is not recommended for new users.

To use in 6.5, simply select the "KDE with 3D" option at login in the "Session" menu.


See also Quick Fixes for Beryl


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