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Dual-boot: Booting MEPIS from the Windows MBR

(Assuming MEPIS Grub is installed at "Root" and Windows is installed on the first partition)

1. Boot Windows

2. Obtain bootpart.exe ( )

(Requires a zip utility to open)

3. Extract bootpart to C:\

4. Open a command prompt, type:


5. Note the number that corresponds to Linux (Usually 1 or 2)

6. At the command prompt, type:

bootpart n bootsect.lnx MEPIS Linux 

(Replace the n with the appropriate partition number noted in step 5)

7. Reboot, you're done. Boot options will display at next boot.

(If boot options do not display, reboot and press the Space bar once or twice after the bios post test completes & before the Windows splash screen. This "should" show your boot options.)

Tested on Win2K. Should apply to XP.

Bootpart (Gilles Vollant Software) is a "free" (as in "Cardware"), Windows utility for adjusting the Windows Boot.ini file. Changes are easily reversible using the same utility (cmd: bootpart /? for help).

No changes are made to the Windows MBR itself.

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