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  • Switch on your camera in 'play' mode and plug it in; see if a camera icon appears on the desktop.
  • Start digikam, click on camera, then 'add camera' and then on 'auto detect'.
  • Find out more about using a camera with digikam


  • If it does not appear check to see if it is on this list. Google for the keywords 'gphoto2' and the make and model of your camera. Look for a changelog that includes your model. Check the version of the changelog and compare it to the output of
gphoto2 --version

May need to compile a new version of gphoto2.

  • If your camera is visible as a USB device in KInfoCenter, make sure your userid is a member of the 'camera' group (see KUser for directions)

Specific Cameras

Kodak cameras

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