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Cedega is a Proprietary Product from TransGaming Technologies that is designed to run DirectX and OpenGL games from the Microsoft Windows Platform under Linux. Cedega was formerly known as WineX, a fork of W.I.N.E. (WINE Is Not an Emulator). However, the current code base is as much Written from Scratch by Transgaming, as it is code from the W.I.N.E. project.

  • Cedega 8.x

Transgaming is currently testing a new version of the Cedega graphics and processing engine. This engine is reported to be OpenGL 3.x compatible as some OpenGL 3.0 based games, such as City of Heroes upcoming Ultra Mode, are reported to be operational with the testing engines. Compatibility with Nvidia cards and OpenGL 3.x is still unknown.

  • Khronos

Transgaming is one of the contributing technical members of the Khronos Organization and reportedly has had input into the OpenGL 3.3 and 4.0 specifications.

  • Intel And GameTree.tv

Transgaming is also partnered with Intel to develop the Cedega engine for use in Gametree.tv.


Cedega itself is a Subscription based service from Transgaming. The money from the subscription goes directly into paying developers to work on improving the Cedega product. The service currently comes in 6-month and 1-year subscriptions. The 6-month cost is $25 (US) and the 1-year cost is $45 (US).

Users are not obligated to continue paying for the product. If Cedega supports a certain game in the current version, then in most cases the subscription can be safely terminated. The result is that if Cedega supports a particular (non-updated) Windows Platform game, and users want that game only, it would only be $25 to add that support into their Linux.


One of the questions surrounding Cedega is: why should users pay for it? In many cases, W.I.N.E. itself can be faster, or more compatible with certain applications.

  • Ease of use
  1. Cedega has its own User Interface which simplifies mounting and un-mounting of game discs
  2. The same User Interface keeps track of all installed programs, and can also keep track of Linux Native games like Doom3, Quake4, and Unreal Tournament
  3. The user interface also allows game-specific settings. For example, one game can be set to run with Pixel Shaders 1.4 through a GUI, while another game can be set to run with Pixel Shaders 2.0
  • Development Path / Involvement
  1. As Cedega is supported by user subscriptions, the users have a clear vote as to what technologies or products they would like Cedega to work on. This means that even those with little or no programming experience can have a say in what they'd like to see happen.
  • Integrated updates
  1. As the Cedega engine is separate from the program, its installation is also separate from normal Linux installations.
  2. Also, the separate engine means that older versions of the engine can be specified for different applications.


Cedega 7.0 is available as a deb file from here.

Usage / Games

  • Steam - Mepis 8.5 (KDE4)
  1. Pictured Guided Install - IE Steam Base
  • City of Heroes - Mepis 8.5 (KDE4)
  1. Picture Guided Installation - Live Server
  2. Picture Guided Installation - Test Server
  • City Of Heroes - Mepis 7 Series
  1. Picture Guided Installation - City Of Heroes
  2. Picture Guided Installation - Cedega Settings for CoH
  3. Picture Guided Installation - CoH In-game settings for ATi Users
  • Morrowind
  1. Picture Guided Installation - Morrowind | Nvidia / ATi

64-bit - Cedega 7.x

With Cedega 7.x engines and User Interfaces users can run Cedega in a 64bit environment with ATi graphics cards without any system modifications.

64-bit - Cedega 8.x

With the currently testing Cedega 8.x engines, there will be native 32bit and 64bit clients available for download depending on the Linux distribution in use. Currently this much is known about the 64-bit Cedega

  1. Cedega will be able to list native 64-bit Linux games
  2. Only 32bit support will be exposed for Windows games. Sorry, 64bit game support is a ways off. So are x86-64 games for that matter...

Games known to run under Cedega
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