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Cheatcodes are codes that can be entered under "Boot Codes" (where the cursor is blinking) when booting a SimplyMEPIS LiveCD to change the booting behavior. They are used to pass options to MEPIS to set parameters for particular environments. You can test various cheatcodes using the Live CD's by typing them in at the GRUB bootloader. (just start typing when you see the various selections available and you'll see your "edits" at the bottom of the screen) They can be added permanently by Editing the GRUB menu after MEPIS is installed to your hard disk.

Table of Codes

NOTE: If setting a value, connect the code and value with an equals sign, e.g. vga=normal.

NOTE FOR MEPIS 11: If setting a graphics value, always include confx after the cheatcode.

MEPIS cheatcodes

MEPIS cheatcodes
Cheatcode Value(s) Description
3 boots the computer to runlevel 3, may not work in M8
acpi off turn ACPI completely off.
aufs --- allows software to be installed during LiveCD session, see Aufs.
autox --- in M8.5 and earlier versions of MEPIS, configures and writes x config file, useful if you change the video card or if you move or clone the HDD to another computer
confx --- in M11, instructs system to create a new xorg.conf; the new xorg.conf file will be created using default settings from the /etc/X11/ template file and autodetection; template defaults and autodetected settings may be overridden by using one or more of the following cheatcodes: drvr, res, hsync, vsync
drvr --- same as xdrvr

The "confx" cheatcode must be used with the drvr cheatcode in M11.

fromiso /path/to/iso allows booting from an ISO, see Fromiso
hsync range in KHz (e.g. "30-75") specify the horizontal sync range of your monitor (see your monitor manual)

The "confx" cheatcode must be used with the hsync cheatcode in M11.

mem MemoryRAMToUse RAM size to be used
noacpi --- disable acpi (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)
noagp --- disable AGP (Accellerated Graphics Port)
noapic --- disable APIC (Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller)
noddc --- disable automatic use of Direct Digital Calibration
nodhcp --- disable automatic use of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
nodma --- disable the use of Direct Memory Access
nomodeset --- instructs the kernel to not load video drivers, try this when you get black screen with nVidia using the nouveau drivers
nomsi --- disable MSI, try this cheatcode if the harddisks are not recognized or if you have various PCI problems
nonet --- boots without starting net
nosound --- disable audio
noscsi --- disable SCSI devices
nousb --- disable USB
nofirewire --- disable firewire (ieee 1394)
nobluetooth --- disable bluetooth
nocpufreq --- disable CPU frequency scaling
quiet --- don't list details to console
res Number x Number set screen resolution (res=800x600, etc.)

The "confx" cheatcode must be used with the res cheatcode in M11.

resume YourSwapPartition hibernation suspend file written to this partition
rootdelay number of seconds introduces a wait period that allows devices to settle down, try this if you have problems booting
single --- boots to runlevel 1 (you can use "1" instead of "single")
toram loads a live cd completely in ram, releasing the cd for use. Need 1GM minimum RAM.
vga normal used on older hardware to disable default resolution
vga some value, auto specifies framebuffer mode to display text mode and splashy. Read more here
vsync range in Hz (e.g. "73-77") specify the vertical sync range of your monitor (see your monitor manual)

The "confx" cheatcode must be used with the vsync cheatcode in M11.

xdrvr vesa, somedrivername specify a video driver for your hardware. Use 'vesa' for generic, i.e. "xdrvr=vesa" Via/S3 chipsets may work with the fbdev driver if vesa fails.

The "confx" cheatcode must be used with the xdrvr cheatcode in M11.

xres --- same as res

The "confx" cheatcode must be used with the xres cheatcode in M11.

AntiX-extra cheatcodes

antiX-extra cheatcodes
Cheatcode Value(s) Description
lean --- disables some services for faster boot
mean --- disables dhclient
nogui --- disables Slim login manager
Xtralean --- disables extra services for faster boot
Rox --- enables Rox-desktop with icons (in antiX-M8.5)
noRox --- disables Rox-desktop (in antiX-M11)
desktop= fluxbox Set live desktop. X is either fluxbox or wmii
dpi 96 Sets the dpi. Default in antiX is 96
homefs /dev/sdc2 Set a persistent /home
rootfs /dev/sdc1 Set a persistent /root
image_dir boot/antiX Useful for fromiso/frugal/liveusb. Place initrd.gz, vmlinuz and antiX compressed squashfs file in this folder
image_name antiX Useful for fromiso/frugal/liveusb. Name of the compressed squashfs file, default is antiX


  • If having problems with MEPIS reading CD/DVD units, try adding these codes:
noapic nolapic irqpoll
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