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You can use the profile you created from Windows. But, you'll need to install an LUT loader and create a script file to start it (unless you want to load it manually each time you reboot). Your profiles are probably located here in Windows:



With Mepis, I'd start Synaptic, press the reload key, then search for xcalib

Right click on it and mark it for installation, then press apply to install it.

Then, create a new folder to store your profile in. The best place to put it is here (since some apps like digiKam that support color management will look in this folder for profiles you can select from).


If you open dolphin as root, you can navigate to /usr/share and right click on an open area and create a new folder named color (it doesn't exist by default). Then, copy your .icc profile to the new folder.

To load the profile, just open a terminal and do this (replacing the profile name with the one you copied to the new folder). Note that in Linux, remember that everything is case sensitive, so make sure you're using the right case for your profile name.

xcalib /usr/share/color/CalibratedDisplayProfile-0.icc


To run xcalib (a profile loader) when you login each time, put that command in a script file. I'd just open Kwrite as root, put that command in it, then save it as something like (use a .sh extension). I'd save it to this folder (substituting your login name for yourname). Note that you'll need to use View>Display Hidden Files check box you'll find to see the ./kde folder from within dolphin, Kwrite, etc.. I'm assuming you're using Mepis 8.5


Then, from Dolphin (started as root), navigate to that folder, right click on the script file you created (for example,, go to the Permissions Tab, and check the box for Executable. Then, it should run each time you login again.

Tips and tricks

Note that if you're using a color managed application like digiKam, you'll see a section for Color Management in it's setup options. When you click on that setup section in digiKam, you'll see a profile tab. That's where you can browse for and select the .icc profile you saved to /usr/share/color (so that it knows how to correctly translate from one color space to another for that monitor profile).


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