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Welcome to the MEPIS Community

Yes, welcome to the MEPIS Community! No matter what your level of experience, knowledge, and interest; there are many ways for you to participate. You may be a programmer or a user, a Linux expert or a beginner--it doesn't matter. Whether you're looking for help, have help to give, want to learn, or make new friends; just dive in. We're glad to have you with us!

How can I get help and learn more?

Whether you prefer to read, research, or ask others, you can find answers to your questions:

How can I help?

Any talent or interest you have to offer can be useful to the MEPIS Community.

MEPIS also needs financial support. If you use MEPIS, please pay for your copy by contributing here or shopping at the MEPIS store.

Community issues

Want to find out who we are and how we work?


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