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  • No illegal material.
  • No obscene material.
  • No advertising, politics, religion related posts.
  • In one sentence: keep it relevant to MEPIS and Linux.


  • Do your own research: It's polite to the other members of the community to research the Wiki and MEPIS forums before you ask a question.
  • If you post in forums use informative titles. "Please help" or "How do I" are not good subject lines.
  • Provide detailed informations: MEPIS version, relevant hardware info, relevant software info, what did you do before it stopped working.
  • Don't use CAPS and excessive punctuation !!!!!!
  • Be patient, if people know the answer they will eventually respond to queries, but you need to give them a chance to do it first.
  • Don't start flame wars. People in Linux world are not necessarily interested in your opinions about why Windows / Mac OS / DOS / etc. is better than Linux.
  • Be polite.
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