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Main Repo
Main Repo
  <code>deb mepis7cr main non-free </code>
  deb mepis7cr main non-free
You can add the repositories from the command line as root using:
You can add the repositories from the command line as root using:
  <code>echo '# Mepis Community Main Repo' >> /etc/apt/sources.list && echo 'deb mepis7cr main non-free' >> /etc/apt/sources.list</code>
  echo '# Mepis Community Main Repo' >> /etc/apt/sources.list && echo 'deb mepis7cr main non-free' >> /etc/apt/sources.list
There is no test repo for Mepis 7.
There is no test repo for Mepis 7.

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This is a package repository run by and for the MEPIS Community. This page contains instruction on how to set up access to the repository in your sources list, how to request packages, and how to assist the community by testing.

Disclaimer - Please Read

We (the Packaging Team) have attempted to make the contents of the repo as stable & troublefree as possible for you - but there are no guarantees. We are following strict packaging guidelines to try and ensure no computability issues - however if you do use the repo, you acknowledge that you do this at your own risk. I (Brooko) am using it on my production machine - so this should give you my opinion regarding compatibility / stability.

Using The Repository

To make use of the Community Repository, add the following to your sources list. See Editing sources.list for how to do that.


Main Repo

deb mepis8cr main non-free

Test Repo

deb mepis8cr test

Please see notes about the test repo below.

You can add the repositories from the command line as root using:

echo '# Mepis Community Main and Test Repo' >> /etc/apt/sources.list && echo 'deb mepis8cr main non-free' >> /etc/apt/sources.list && echo '# deb mepis8cr test' >> /etc/apt/sources.list

Note: the above command is all one line.


Main Repo

deb mepis7cr main non-free

You can add the repositories from the command line as root using:

echo '# Mepis Community Main Repo' >> /etc/apt/sources.list && echo 'deb mepis7cr main non-free' >> /etc/apt/sources.list

There is no test repo for Mepis 7.

Base Procedures

These have been updated for MEPIS 8 - now utilising a "Test" repository - rather than linking to a filesharing site on MepisLovers forum.

  • Upon request of a package, a Community Packaging Team member will either volunteer to build it (confirm in same post), or if thread unanswered for a period of 7 days (unlikely) then the Community Packaging Project Leader will assign the request to a "Packaging Pod". The package builder (once assigned) should post in the package request thread to advise that the requested package has been assigned.
  • Once package has been built, the builder starts a new thread on Mepis Lovers in the News/Package Status forum. In the thread list - the package, any known dependency issues, and advise that the package will be shortly available for testing. The packager then advises their maintainer, and provides him/her a link to the build files (the deb(s), dsc, diff and source files).
  • The maintainer downloads the necessary build files, checks them for accuracy, virus checks them, and uploads them to the Test repository. Once the application appears in test, the maintainer advises the packager to notify the community via the original thread on ML forums NOTE - the reason for the packager advising the community is so that they get appropriate acknowledgment for their work on the package.
  • The packager notifies the community, and requests testing and feedback. Following confirmation that the package has been tested and confirmed working with no issues, the packager advises their Maintainer - who in turn arranges transfer of the approved package files from Test to Main.
  • Maintainer then posts in the same News/Package Status forum thread to confirm completed packages have been uploaded and are available in the main repository.
  • Maintainer then announces the packages availability on the MEPIS Community website, and adds / updates the application in the application list (with screenshot and details)

Pods / Structure

  • The MEPIS Packaging Team is divided into several (at the moment 3) sub-teams or pods. Each pods consists of a Maintainer and 2-3 package builders.
  • Only Maintainers can upload packages to the Community Repository and Community Test Repository
  • Maintainers can upload their own packages - but have to follow the same strict rules on testing and approval before upload to Main repository.
  • If for any reason a MEPIS Packaging Team member is unable to continue with their role, it is very important that they try and find a replacement within the community - and organise seamless continuity.
  • If you are interested in joining the MEPIS Packaging Team - please get in touch with a team member - list at Introduction to the Team thread on Mepis Lovers.


  • How can I find out which packages are in the Community Repository?
All packages are tracked on this page at the MEPIS Community Website
  • What packages will be in the Community Repository?
Any packages requested by the community which we are able to build.
Any packages not found in 'stable', or newer versions of dated packages in the 'stable' repositories.
  • Will the source code be provided?
We ask that all package contributors adhere to the license of the program. As part of our procedures, we've indicated for source to be provided by the builders, and the intention is to make this available in our Community Repository.
  • How many versions do I need to maintain?
We would like to keep packages synced for both 64bit and 32bit versions. We are aware that special cases arrive where only one build is available, so this is not an absolute rule.

Test Repository Notes

  • The test repository should only be enabled to download packages for testing, and immediately disabled afterward.
  • The test repository should not be used on main production machines or mission critical set-ups (unless it is for an install in a discardable VM)
  • We do encourage the community to help us test each application thoroughly - but cannot guarantee the compatibility of the application while it is in test. We would prefer only experienced testers use the Test Repo - and less experienced MEPIS Community members wait the short time required for the application to migrate from test to main.
  • The MEPIS Packaging Team take every care when building and uploading packages, but in using the Community Repositories, you do so at your own risk - ESPECIALLY the test repository.
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