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Conky is a very versatile utility that will display on your desktop a wide variety of information about your system. Many Linux users find it essential to install on portable (laptop) computers, as it can be configured to display the CPU temperature as well as the amount of charge left in the battery. There we'll tell you how to install it and set it up so that it will run automatically on your MEPIS KDE4.x desktop (MEPIS 8.5 and MEPIS 11.0).


  1. Conky is in the repos and can be installed in the usual manner.
  2. Place the file .conkyrc in your /home/username directory. This configures what system info conky will display, and the position it will display on your desktop screen.
  3. Place the file conky.desktop in your /home/username/.config/autostart directory. This will invoke the program conky every time KDE starts up, making conky a permanent feature of your desktop.


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You will want to edit the text file /home/username/.conkyrc in kate or kwrite in order to customize your conky display.

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