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Nowadays browsers offer a nice feature "custom search" I will show you how to set up a custom search for MEPIS Wiki (or MEPIS Community forum, or any other site) in Opera and Firefox.

In Opera

Right click in the search field and choose "Create search" and choose a keyword "m" or "mw" or "wiki" (whatever you prefer)

Alternatively you could do the same for the custom Google search for MEPIS Wiki

Now every time you want to search something you just need to type "m" (or whatever keyword you chose) in front of the search item in the address bar. In addition a new search entry will be created in the search bar.

In Firefox

You need to create a bookmark, name it "MEPIS Wiki Search" and use for location:


for the Google custom search.

And use "m", or "mw", or "wiki" or whatever you want for keyword.

So each time you type the keyword in the address bar followed by a search item it will automatically search and display the results from Wiki, similarly you can create searches for or any other site that has a search field.

In Google Chrome

Go to Options -> Default Search -> Manage. You can edit the shortcuts there. You can add new search engines there, using a similar link as in the case of Firefox, but in most cases Chrome adds the search address automatically once you use the search field on a site.

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