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About Database servers

Database servers, also called RDBMS's (Relational DataBase Management Systems), are programs which allow you to organize data into one or more related tables. Database servers are used all over the world in a wide variety of applications. Nearly any application that requires the storage, retrieval, and analysis of structured data makes use of some kind of RDBMS.

Most database servers have a rudimentary text-based front-end, which allows you to interact with the server using SQL (Structured Query Language). Most users interact with a database through custom client software written to use the database as a data-storage backend (e.g. Amarok can store your playlist information in a database; Kontact can store your address book in a database; etc), or through a "Personal database" productivity application (e.g. -- Base, Knoda, Kexi, etc).

Database servers in MEPIS

MEPIS supports several powerful and popular database servers:

  • MySQL server -- Very popular, small and fast open-source database. Part of the LAMP stack.
  • PostgreSQL server -- Powerful open-source database, popular in enterprise-grade applications.
  • Oracle-XE -- non-free (but gratis) "lite" version of the Oracle RDBMS.

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