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If you want Gmail to send e-mail by default when you click an a "mailto:" link you need to go to "Configuration Editor" with the KDE Configuration Editor open:

  1. Select "Components -> KDE Components -> Component Chooser".
  2. In the left list box, select "Mail Client".
  3. Check the radio button "Use a different email client".
  4. In the text box below that radio button, type:

Where "browser" can be "firefox", "google-chrome", "opera", according to your preference. Even better, it can be the default browser "x-www-browser", which might not be the default KDE browser though, so it's better to search with "update-alternatives --display x-www-browser" to check what is the default browser, you can change it with "update-alternatives --set x-www-browser link_to_browser".

You can try clicking on one of the mailto links in this page to test to see if the browser opens the right page. Note that bbc, cc, subject and body template should be added automatically when you click on a link

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