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Sound cards basics

Because our ears hear analogue signals, but our computers are digital, converters are needed, analogue to digital (adc) on the input sound, and digital to analogue, (dac) on the output. These converters are part of the 'sound card', an item that also provides switches and volume controls for control of the computer's sound. It is possible to have more than one sound card in your computer, and the sound card may be a separate plug-in device or may be built into the motherboard.

lspci (prefered)

paste this command in a terminal:

lspci | grep -i audio

this will give you an output that tells you your card manufacturer and model.
you can then take that data and plug it into the Alsa Card Matrix
many of these drivers do not include the snd- prefix, you will need to add that to the module name


For using this method to detect and set up the sound card, see this page.

Alternative way: kudzu -p

Deprecated Info

copy and paste this command in Konsole: kudzu -p | grep AUDIO -A 13 | grep driver (for a more detailed listing type only '''kudzu -p | grep AUDIO -A 13''')

Troubleshooting and Reporting Problems

To report problems please try our Sound forum or if we are unable to help you, please report the problems to

Sound howto | FAQ | Main Page

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