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!!! Warning! The info contained in this article pertains to older versions of MEPIS !!!

  1. Fill in your own information in the bolded configuration section below.
  2. For use with MEPIS 7.0, be sure to change the storage location to the current nomenclature (e.g., sda2 instead of hda2).
  3. Since this example was written, files may have changed names, locations, or even no longer exist. Check carefully all backup items before using this script on your own computer.
# Example backup script
# This is an example of a shell script that performs a daily backup of selected files.
# The backup is created as a .tar.gz archive in a specified directory.
# Place this script in /etc/cron.daily (owned by root:root, permissions 755).
# Customize as desired.
# Install anacron if your computer is not running 24 hours/day,
# and you want to ensure that this script runs daily.
# The script may also be run manually.
# For maximum protection, the archives created by this script should be migrated to
# another storage device, such as a CD-R or external HD.
# Author: Dave Lerner <http:/Dave-L.com/>
# 2005-01-10  Original release
# This script must be run as "root", to ensure that it can access all the files to be backed up.
# -------------
# configuration
# -------------
# -------------
# absolute path of archive file
tarfile="/"tmp/"`date +%Y%m%d_%H%M%S`.tar"
if [ $(id -u) != "0" ]; then
 echo 'You must be the superuser to run this script.' >&2
 exit 1
if [ -e $tarfile ]; then
 echo "Will not overwrite existing file $tarfile." >&2
 exit 1
# Use root directory as base for relative paths.
cd /
# Grub
tar -rf $tarfile boot/grub/menu*.lst
# Adobe Acrobat Reader
tar -rf $tarfile $home/.acrobat/prefs
tar -rf $tarfile $home/.bashrc*
# Gaim
tar -rf $tarfile $home/.gaim/*.xml
tar -rf $tarfile $home/.gaim/logs/
# gFTP
tar -rf $tarfile $home/.gftp/bookmarks
tar -rf $tarfile $home/.gftp/gftprc
# KAlarm
tar -rf $tarfile $home/.kde/share/apps/kalarm/calendar.ics
# KVIrc
tar -rf $tarfile $home/.kvirc/avatars/
tar -rf $tarfile $home/.kvirc/config/
tar -rf $tarfile $home/.kvirc/log/
tar -rf $tarfile $home/.kvirc/sounds/
tar -rf $tarfile $home/.kvirc/themes/"Dave's_Theme-1.0.0"
# Midnight Commander
tar -rf $tarfile $home/.mc/ini
tar -rf $tarfile root/.mc/ini
# Mozilla Firefox
tar -rf $tarfile $firefox_profile/*.s
# ... bookmarks
tar -rf $tarfile $firefox_profile/bookmarks.html
# ... cookies
tar -rf $tarfile $firefox_profile/cookies.txt
tar -rf $tarfile $firefox_profile/cookperm.txt
tar -rf $tarfile $firefox_profile/hostperm.1
# ... passwords
tar -rf $tarfile $firefox_profile/signons.txt
tar -rf $tarfile $firefox_profile/key3.db
# ... preferences
tar -rf $tarfile $firefox_profile/prefs.js
tar -rf $tarfile $firefox_profile/user.js
# Thunderbird
tar -rf $tarfile $thunderbird_profile/ --exclude=$thunderbird_profile/News/* --exclude=$thunderbird_profile/XUL.mf*
# /etc
tar -rf $tarfile etc/aliases*
tar -rf $tarfile etc/apt/preferences*
tar -rf $tarfile etc/apt/sources*.list
tar -rf $tarfile etc/cron.daily/backup_example
tar -rf $tarfile etc/crontab*
tar -rf $tarfile etc/default/bootlogd*
tar -rf $tarfile etc/default/ntpdate
tar -rf $tarfile etc/fstab*
tar -rf $tarfile etc/hosts*
tar -rf $tarfile etc/init.d/
tar -rf $tarfile etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc
tar -rf $tarfile etc/kde3/kdm/Xservers
tar -rf $tarfile etc/hdparm*
tar -rf $tarfile etc/menu-methods/menu-xdg
tar -rf $tarfile etc/mtab*
tar -rf $tarfile etc/rc*.d/
tar -rf $tarfile etc/X11/XF86Config-4*
# Synaptic
tar -rf $tarfile root/.synaptic/filters
tar -rf $tarfile root/.synaptic/log
tar -rf $tarfile root/.synaptic/options
tar -rf $tarfile root/.synaptic/synaptic.conf
# User crontabs
tar -rf $tarfile var/spool/cron/crontabs/
gzip $tarfile
mv $tarfile.gz $tardir
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