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Sending a FAX

  • Use an internet fax service. Choice and price of service depends on volume and services needed, see this fax price comparison.
  • Get your modem working, consulting this page if necessary.
  • To set up the generic printers in KDE (so you can produce a PostScript file), see this page.
  • Use Efax-gtk on Postscript documents.
    **Print out / export the thing you wish to fax to PDF (use kprinter, OOo's export to PDF, Firefox print to PDF), then install efax-gtk and send the file via efax
  • Use KdeprintFax (included with MEPIS from 6.5 on) on documents in common formats such as *.doc, *.rtf, *.html, or *.txt
  • For Open Office 3, consult the documentation.
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