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Mepis comes with a wide assortment of fonts installed by default, but it is possible to add other fonts to improve display, accommodate language needs, etc. Once they are installed, you will probably want to be able to manage them as well.

The fonts installed as administrator are installed in one of these directories:


and the fonts installed as user are in


Finding fonts

Recommended to consider:

  • msttcorefonts for use with Windows-oriented texts and websites
  • ttf-liberation for better display

To get Windows fonts, you can physically move them from a Windows installation (in XP: C:\WINDOW\Fonts) to one of the font directories listed below. You can also find them online (see Links).

For international fonts: search in Synaptic through the list of xfonts


M 11

Click System Settings > System Administration > Font Installer. Click Add... at the bottom and navigate to where you saved your fonts. Highlight them, click Open, and they'll be added.

M 8.5

Click System Settings > General Tab > Font Installer. Click Add Fonts and navigate to where you saved your fonts. Highlight them, click Open, and they'll be added.

M 8

KMenu --> System --> Control Center --> System Administration --> Font Installer. Administrative Mode for system-wide changes.


Many users increase font size right after installation. To do that, you have to make multiple changes:

  • For general KDE sizes
    • M 8.5: click System Settings > General Tab > Appearance > Fonts.
    • M 8: click KMenu --> System --> Control Center --> Appearance & Themes --> Fonts
  • For Firefox and Thunderbird, see Tips and tricks
  • GTK+ 2 applications, install gtk-qt-engine, gtk2-engine and (MEPIS 11) kde-config-gtk-style

Debian has a built-in font configurer. As root, type

dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config

Accept the defaults, then when you are back at the root prompt, type:

dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig

This will update, clean and regenerate the fonts cache to make sure that all installed fonts are available.


An easy method of managing fonts is to install Font matrix from the repos. There is a manual available from the website.

Advanced users may want to edit their fonts. For this, FontForge is the most useful program, and is available from the repos.


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