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Disclaimer; this is a experimental work in progress. - don't blame me if it breaks your system.

I want to develop this so that it will back up your home directory to a free gmail account. It is currently not working. It stores data to the gmail account but it is not retrievable.

First get the software gmailfs + duplicity by typing into the command line

   apt-get install gmailfs duplicity

Getting a gmail account is also easy in many countries;

cd /Desktop

create the script file


Paste in the following after changing the gmailuser + gmailpass SomeLongGeneratedHardToCrackKey + and name of your /home/username folder to your actual details.

  sudo mount -t gmailfs /usr/local/bin/ /mnt/ -o                                                         
  export PASSPHRASE=SomeLongGeneratedHardToCrackKey
  duplicity /home/username file:///mnt/
  umount /mnt/

Click 'save'

make it executable

   chmod 700

then to run it


either run the ./ command as often as you like or to schedule it to run automatically check here;

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