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!!! Warning! The info contained in this article pertains to older versions of MEPIS !!!
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Current Version Info

Buy a CD From MEPIS

Get the latest version of MEPIS on CD or DVD directly from MEPIS Store.

Download and Burn your own CD

To Create your own MEPIS CD or DVD, you first need to download an ISO file.

Get ISO from the MEPIS Store

To support the future development of MEPIS, goto the MEPIS Store and click on Buy a DVD or CD.

Download ISO for Free

If you use a free version of MEPIS, please consider making a Donation(direct PayPal link) to support further development of MEPIS Linux.

You can download testing and released versions of MEPIS for free from the mirror sites listed below. Usually the testing versions are in a testing directory and the released versions are in a released directory. Sometimes the mirrors are a bit behind the MEPIS Subscription download site. Some mirrors get out-of-date from time to time. If you can't find a particular version at one site, it may be available at one of the other sites.

Note: The more common method of downloading an ISO image, is to use just your browser's downloading mechanisms. Note, however, that many browsers can NOT resume a broken download, if an error occurs. And, since .ISO images are so large, typical download times might be an HOUR or more. So, if you want to be able to resume a broken download from the point of failure, one mechanism is to use the cmd-line 'wget' download utility, with the '-c' option. (For this to work, the SERVER must also be capable of resuming a download...but many of them are.) Thus, for example, to download using 'wget' from the '' server (which is listed among the MEPIS North-American mirrors), the cmd-line would be, for example:

 wget -c

Note that 'wget' utility is pre-installed on MEPIS. There is also a 'wget' utility available for Windows.

The 'trick' to get the FULL filespec, is to start by using any browser, and navigate to the desired download area containing the .ISO file. Then, INSTEAD of the normal left-click, just RIGHT-click the mouse on the desired .ISO file, and select 'copy link location' which puts the FULL filespec into the 'cut/paste' buffer (aka 'clipboard').

Then, go to a cmd-line window, type in the chars 'wget -c ', and then 'paste' (shift-insert) the filespec, and hit the 'enter'-key.

[You can test the resumability by letting the download start, hitting 'control-C' to stop it, and then re-issue the same cmd again, and if it can resume from point of interruption, you will see an indication of that. It is ok to ALWAYS specify the '-c' option, whether starting or resuming, because wget is smart enough to understand which it is doing from the environmental context.]

Newly Uploaded ISOs

The first day or two a new ISO is released, a particular mirror may not have the ISO or they may have an incomplete copy. This is caused by the mirror attempting to grab the ISO before it has completely uploaded to their source site. If this happens, the ISO may be unusually small or it may give cloop errors when a CD is booted.

If different mirrors offer ISOs of different sizes, the larger ISO is probably correct. If a mirror site has a bad ISO file, it should be replaced during the next automatic update at that site. Most sites update once per day.

It is always a good idea to verify the MD5sum of the ISO before burning the image to CD to ensure that ISO has downloaded properly.

North America Mirrors

Other Mirrors

Check the current list of other mirrors on the official page.

MEPIS torrents

Community Mirror

Not for Windows users! We only have MEPIS 8.0 mirrored - not 7.0 or 8.5.

Several MEPIS users outside the US have had issues with connecting to Warren's FTP server, and the Community has been able to successfully mirror it on a European server. Hopefully this will solve the connectivity issues for those members who have had trouble in the past.

For those affected, comment out in /etc/apt/sources.list (or uncheck in Synaptic) the repository:

deb mepis-8.0 main

Then add and enable:

deb mepis-8.0 main

VMWare images

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