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How to connect to live chat

For day to day use it is best to use a proper Internet Relay Chat (IRC) program such as xchat to connect. You can install it with: apt-get install xchat, or you can use other IRC clients. The server is and the channel is #mepis

Only if you are unable to use an IRC program, it is possible to connect to the chat through your web-browser. Just go to this page and change the nickname as well as the two drop-down boxes to and #mepis. So just to re-iterate: you change all three of the fields away from the default, then click 'login'.

Associated channels


  • Keep off-topic conversations in the #mepis-nightcrew channel.
  • Religion, Politics, and Porn/sexual art are considered off topic by default.
  • Do not flood the channel with outputs of commands or files, use the pastebin listed below.
  • Don't let a discussion get out of control, you will be banned.
  • Do not send a Private Message (PM) to anyone without prior permission.
  • If possible ask questions in the channel, let everyone learn from your problems. This is its purpose!
  • Please don't ask to ask a question, just ask it.
  • Be willing to wait a few minutes if you don't get an answer - not everyone is always there.
  • Certain groups may monitor the conversations in #mepis. Discussions about illegal materials, piracy, warez, and drugs are explicitly forbidden.
  • Google it before you ask a question, and please search the wiki.
  • Please register your nick with nickserv.

Helpful links

Official Site

Support Forums



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