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You will not find this cheap but good printer in the default list of models in Print System/Add Printer.... However installation is easy and the printer works perfectly and very quickly, thought it uses PC to render the page and requires firmware upload on every power on - these two signs could easily scare you when choosing a printer for use with Linux. (Note: This article is NOT about Laserjet 1005, name is similar but this printer is quite different.)

First get and compile drivers using these commands in Konsole terminal:

wget -O foo2zjs.tar.gz
tar zxf foo2zjs.tar.gz
cd foo2zjs
./getweb P1005

Computer will respond with something like "got sihpP1005.img, (c) Copyright Hewlett-Packard". Then become root (you will be asked for the root password):


and install the drivers (you are still in directory foo2zjs):

make install
make install-hotplug
make cups

Then just connect the printer and add it via web interface here: http://localhost:631/ and you are done! There may be multiple choices looking like your new printer - try to avoid the one containing "HPLIP" in the name (this variant also works but can crash your system later, see Technical Notes below).

Should you need more details, look here:

NOTE: This method also works for HP LaserJet 1018, just use ./getweb 1018

Technical Notes

HPLIP software from HP is a nice effort which makes a lot of HP hardware usable with Linux. Unfortunately, version 2.8.6.b-4 available from 8.0 repos contains bugs which may eventually escalate benign things like out-of-paper condition into an unbootable system. File /var/log/syslog (and some others) may be filled with millions of lines like this:

Mar  6 22:54:09 deli HP_LaserJet_P1005?serial=BC0Q6BC: io/hpmud/musb.c 1338: unable to write data hp:/usb/HP_LaserJet_P1005?serial=BC0Q6BC: No data available
Mar  6 22:54:09 deli HP_LaserJet_P1005?serial=BC0Q6BC: io/hpmud/musb.c 976: bulk_write failed buf=0xbfaa33a4 size=4096 len=-19: No data available

When there is no disk space left, you will not be able to start your system anymore (in a normal way). The syslog fill issue might have been fixed in HPLIP 3.9.10, see here.

The P1005 printer can work without HPLIP, so there is no need to expose your system to this issue. If you really need HPLIP (for some other hardware), install the latest version from HP (if you are technically able to do so).

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