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Font Display

Most programs (such as Kmail, Firefox, etc) will typically display only Kana (the syllabic Japanese scripts). However, Kanji characters will display as small boxes with characters/numbers inside.

To read and see Kanji, Use Synaptic to install ttf-kochi-mincho-naga10 and restart your program.

For even more options, search Synaptic and install any of the other "ttf-kochi" or "ttf-sazanami" fonts

Fonts for PDF Files

Using Synaptic, install xpdf-japanese for Japanese font support in pdf files.


Kanatest is a simple Japanese kana flashcard program for the study of hiragana and/or katakana.
It can be installed via Synaptic. You also need to install the Japanese fonts mentioned in the Display section above. Once installed, Kanatest can be started by going to Kmenu >>> Education >>> Languages.

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