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KDE Menu, Start Menu, K-menu, or Kmenu all refer to the menu used access programs and utilities. This is similar to "Start" in Windows.

You get the menu by clicking the MEPIS Logo at the left side of the panel at the bottom of the Desktop:

To execute or start a software program, you just click on the program name that you would like to use.

To edit the KDE menu, right-click on KMenu and choose "Menu Editor".


This is the MEPIS Default Kmenu (Classic Menu Style):MEPIS Default Kmenu (Classic Menu Style)
This is the Kmenu when "Kickoff Menu Style" is selected. (right-click on Kmenu and Select "Kickoff Menu Style"): "Kickoff Menu Style"

MEPIS 8.0 and earlier

This is an example of the appearance of the KDE 3.x menu:
KDE3.x Kmenu

Tips and tricks

The default keyboard shortcut to activate the Start Menu is the Alt +F1 combination. Some people prefer to use the "Windows" key on their keyboard instead. In order to do so please follow these instructions:

1. Open Konsole and type the following command:

xev|grep -i keycode

then press the left "Windows" key to get its keycode. The keycode is probably 115 for MEPIS 8.5 (if you get a different keycode please replace 115 with it in the instructions bellow). Close Konsole.

2. Open Kwrite and type (or copy and paste) in the following:

xmodmap -e "keycode 115 = F13

3. Save the file to the desktop by naming it winkey or any other name you want.

4. Right click on the file you just saved, click on the "Permissions" tab and enable the check box "Is executable"

5. Open Dolphin and click on "View" and enable "Show Hidden Files". Then go to your home directory and open the .kde folder and move the winkey file to the Autostart sub directory.

6. Log out and then back in

7. Right click on the Start Menu > Application Launcher Menu Settings > Keyboard Shortcut tab, and click on the back arrow to reset the shortcut. Finally press the left "Windows" key and the shortcut should now be F13.

That's it. Now the left "windows" key will launch the Start Menu!

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