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For some purposes, it may be desirable to lock down the application in order to protect it from users. Examples include computers in a school or public location for general use, where the file system, desktop and internet access need to be closed.


Webconverger is a simple and secure Web platform for deployments in places where only Web applications are used. It runs the Iceweasel web browser with a customized window manager and Firefox add-on that locks the browser to a simple kiosk operation mode. The browser runs in full screen mode with all menus, toolbars, key commands and most right button menus disabled. Webconverger contains Adobe Flash support and PDF viewing by default. Both wired and wireless networks are supported via DHCP.



There is an Activity available that sets up a destop that resembles a kiosk. Right-click an open area of the desktop and select Folder View Settings. Click on Activities in the left panel, then use the Type pull-down menu to select Search and Launch Containment and click OK. To configure what appears there, right-click the desktop and select Configure Search and Launch, then click on Main menu in the left panel.

MEPIS 8 and 8.5

Kiosktool is a point-n-click tool for system administrators to enable KDE's KIOSK features or otherwise preconfigure KDE for groups of users. Relevant KDE settings that can be locked down include all desktop settings (wallpaper, kicker, icons, etc.), actions (file associations, file creation, etc.), and individual applications settings (browser limits, macro use, etc.). They are gathered by kiosktool from their various locations in the system and stored in profiles. Open the KIOSK Admin Tool, and you'll see the Default profile. Don't touch it!

Modifications to the profiles can be done using kiosktool. However, unless you follow the step below, your changes will be overwritten by upgrades. If you want to modify the kiosk profiles, you can either copy the existing ones and modify them, or create new kiosk profiles in (for example) /etc/kde3/kioskprofiles/ and enable them in /etc/kde-user-profile. The kiosk tool will do this for you if you click "profile properties" and browse to a new folder.

The package debian-edu-config contains sample desktop profiles for students and administrators.


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