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Konqueror is more than just a local filesystem browser; you can connect to a wide variety of local and remote services or devices using a feature called "kioslaves". For more information about kioslaves, check KDE help.

Here are a few common or not-so-common-but-useful protocols you can specify in Konqueror:

ftp:// connects to an ftp server you specify, allowing you full cut/copy/paste management of your ftp server.
sftp:// connect to an ftp server over ssh, securing your transaction with ssh encryption. Also allows you the option of public-key encryption instead of sending passwords over the internet.
smb:// connect to samba services (windows filesharing). To browse the network neighborhood, just type smb:/ (one slash).
fish:// file browsing over ssh. This little known protocol is nice to use for file browsing between linux boxes because it requires no setup beyong running sshd and making sure you have an account on the remote machine. It's also encrypted and secure.
media:/ allows you to browse storage devices connected to your machine.
http:// surf the web with Konqueror!
man:/ browse manual pages on your computer.
info:/ browse local manuals prepared in the info hypertext system (info existed years before web, many 'old good' programs are documented in info).
print:/ browse your installed printers and do other printer maintenance.
audiocd:/ allows you to browse tracks on audio cd's and play them.
fonts:/ gives you nice preview of fonts installed on your computer (click System, then keep mouse still over some font icon or click it and choose Open in KFontView).

Not only can you use these protocols in Konqueror's address bar, you can use them anytime you need to specify a location in KDE; so, for example, you can create shortcuts to files or folders across sftp, samba, etc.

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