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Kobo Desktop Application screenshot (version 2.0.3) running with WineKobo Wireless eReader is a portable e-book reader, or E-reader. This page will explain how to sync your Kobo using MEPIS with Kobo's Desktop Software for PC. Note: For eBooks with Digital Rights Management (DRM), Adobe® Digital Editions can also be installed with Wine and used in a similar manner using the instructions below as a guide.


  • Install Wine from the Community repository
  • Goto the Kobo website and download the Kobo Desktop App. It will download a kobodesktop.exe (for PC) file
  • From Dolphin, Double-click kobodesktop.exewine will install the Kobo Desktop App.
  • You can run Kobo Desktop and log into your account, etc, but you will notice your e-reader icon/tab is grayed out.

Configure wine to use/sync your Kobo eReader

Unless there is way to make the wine config disk settings persistent, you must do these steps everytime you want to sync your Kobo ereader:

  • Close the Kobo Desktop App if it is running.
  • Plug in your Kobo e-reader and select “Manage Library” on your Kobo.
  • Mount your Kobo using dolphin, KDE Device Notifier, Nautilus, etc.
  • In your Wine Menu, goto Wine Configuration >>> Drives tab
  • You should see your Kobo reader with a drive map. For example "D:"
  • Select the entry for your Kobo ‘drive’ and then click on “Show Advanced”.
  • Change the “Type” from “Autodetect’ to “Floppy disk”
  • Hit OK.
  • Run Kobo Desktop software, now the Kobo tab should be OK to use and sync.

When Finished, unmount your Kobo using dolphin, KDE Device Notifier, Nautilus, etc. and unplug your Kobo.

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