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Konqueror is the MEPIS graphic user interface or GUI that has a surprising number of powerful functions. It is the file manager for KDE (K Desktop Environment) and supports basic file management on MEPIS from simple cut/copy and paste operations to advanced remote and local network file browsing. Konqueror is also a very good web browser, and utilizes plugins (KIO slaves to extend its capabilities to support protocols such as HTTP and FTP. Finally, It can function as a universal viewer, displaying a wide variety of material such as text file, image, html file or OpenOffice.org document.

File manager

As the KDE File manager, Konq has a basic two-panel layout with a menu bar, a tool bar, address bar, and a location sidebar on the left.

Currently the sidebar shows that my home user folder is open, and in the tool bar I have chosen "tree view" which displays directories and subdirectories as folders branched out under the expanding +/- sign in the left panel. Here, I examine the contents of my /home/'my_username"'/Backups directory. Note that some directories in this left panel are shown in italics, indicating that they are symbolic links [like "shortcuts"] to other directories, which I can read and write to just as if that directory were here inside my home!

For more information see Konqueror Home Page

Location sidebar right With the functions of the location sidebar along the left margin of the Konqueror window, you can access other system locations quickly, without having to navigate through the tree structure of your filesystem directories. For example, if you want to switch quickly from your home directory to an overview of all the directories and files and disk partitions that are mounted in your current filesystem, click on the manila Root Folder near the bottom of the sidebar, just above the yellow star. The categories available in the location sidebar are:

Amarok16.png Amarok — The default media player and media file organizer in KDE.

Bookmark16.png Bookmarks — Links to access files quickly in Konqueror --whether on your computer or on the Internet.

History16.png History — Places you've Konquer'd lately.

Folder home16.png Home — Your /home/user directory.

Metabar16.png Metabar — Links to several disk and file functions under the Action section at the top.

Network16.png Network — Network and internet locations of importance to your system.

Folder red open16.png Root — Overview of all the partitions, directories, and files on your computer as they are arranged in your MEPIS Linux filesystem.

Services16.png Services A link to the KDE configuration setting, your installed printer and a variety of other system locations.

For more information on how to use Konqueror as a File Manager, click Help --> Konqueror Handbook.

Web browser

Konqueror also functions as a web browser with HTML 4.01 compliance, supporting Java applets, JavaScript, CSS 1, CSS 2.1, as well as Netscape plugins (for example, Flash or RealVideo plugins).


Universal viewer

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