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KSysV, the KDE SysV-Init Editor, is part of KDE, a component of the KDE administration module. It is an advanced graphical editor for V-style init schemes that allows you to edit your start and stop scripts using a drag and drop GUI.

After downloading and installing, you may be required to supply some information (when KSysV 1.3.9 is installed on MEPIS 6.5, 7.0 or 8.0 using at least KDE 3.5.3, the paths are automatically provided):

  • System type: select Debian (done using the Wizard during initial use)
  • Service path: select /etc/init.d to bring up a warning, click OK to continue and see services
  • Runlevel path: select /etc to bring up another warning, click OK to continue

You can drag a service from the column of available services to the runlevel of your choice.

More: The KSysV Handbook

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