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KwikDisk is a utility installed with MEPIS 6.5 and up. When started, it shows up in the System Tray on the right side of the panel.

It has a variety of uses:

  • It displays the available file devices (hard drive partitions, floppy and CD drives, etc.) along with information on their free space, type and mount point.
  • It allows you to easily mount and unmount drives. For this reason it is the quickest way to access Windows files in a dual-boot configuration: just click on your Windows partition (e.g., hda1 or sda1).
  • KDiskFree is a utility that measures available space (type man:kdf into Konqueror's address bar). It can also be used to mount(right click and choose mount) and will give a visual representation of the amount of overall fill of the disk selected. It also gives a percentage.


KwikDisk is installed by default, and can be found at Kmenu --> System --> KwikDisk. Once running, you can find the KwikDisk icon (as a round blue storage device icon) at right side of the System Tray. Right click the icon for the KwikDisk menu.


In MEPIS 8, the easiest method of accessing the Windows partition is to click on the My Computer icon on your desktop


In MEPIS 7 and 8, the icon looks like three little cubes. To stop KwikDisk from asking you for the root password before you can access other drives, right-click the KwikDisk icon --> Configure Kwikdisk, change this entry for File Manager

kdesu kfmclient openURL %m

to this one by removing "kdesu"

kfmclient openURL %m

and click OK.

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