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* Use an internet fax service.  Choice and price of service depends on volume and services needed, see [ this fax price comparison].
*Use [[Efax-gtk]] on [ Postscript] documents
*Use [[KdeprintFax]]<sup>p</sup> on documents in common formats such as *.doc, *.rtf, *.html, or *.txt
* For Open Office, consult [ the documentation],using the hyperlinked ToC to get to the section on faxing.
== PDF Readers ==
== PDF Readers ==

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Packages that are marked with a "p" are pre-installed in MEPIS.
For installing other packages please check: Software Installation Gude

This is not an exhaustive list of Linux software, it's just a list of most common used and generally considered as the "best" software that's available in Linux. See also linux app finder for a more complete list of software.


Office Productivity

Office Suites

Text Editing

Simple Word processing / rich text

  • abiword -- Simple and quick wordprocessor with basic features.

GUI textfile editors

  • kate p -- Good textfile editor and "IDE lite" for programming and config files. Features syntax highlighting for many languages, multiple files open in a single instance, many other nice features.
  • kwrite p -- very like kate; haven't figured out the difference.
  • kedit -- KDE's ultra-lite text editor.

Console text editors

  • nano p -- text based (console application) editor.
  • vi p -- default text editor for console; also try vim, it's similar but works better with a standard pc keyboard.
  • qemacs -- text based (console application) editor.


PDF Readers

  • kpdf p
  • acroread (Adobe Reader 7)

PDF Writers

  • Writer p
  • KWord -- part of KOffice
  • kprinter p -- kprinter has a "print to PDF file" feature, any program that can print using kprinter can potentially print to PDF.

PDF Conversion

  • pdftohtml
  • kprinter p -- KDE capabilty: any program that can print through kprinter can print a PDF file.

Business Management

  • vtiger -- Manage customers, inventory, purchasing, sales, marketing; easy setup, pre-configured, GPL.
  • simpleticket -- A simple Trouble Ticket System for IT, Non-Tech Customer Support, ISP/TelCo, etc., GPL.
  • journyx -- Employee time and expenses tracking for Projects, Billing, Payroll, etc. Free full unlimited use for up to 10 users (not open source).



  • firefox p -- stand-alone browser based on Mozilla.
  • mozilla -- full Internet suite.
  • opera -- full Internet suite.
  • dillo -- small and very fast browser. Ideal for viewing downloaded html files.

RSS Reader

Communication Software

Email Client

Instant Messenger

  • gaim p -- multiprotocol client (AIM/ICQ, GoogleTalk, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, IRC).
  • kopete -- multiprotocol client (AIM/ICQ, GoogleTalk, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, IRC).
  • Useful service in case your company blocks IM: multiprotocol browser client or for secure connection.

Voice Chat

Video Chat

  • Ekiga -- typically picks up supported webcam's audio and video. Works with compatible programs for for Windows and Mac platforms.
  • MSN -- MSN Messenger clone.
  • openwengo -- Open source alternative to Skype, it has webcam capability.


File Sharing

  • aMule -- eDonkey Client.
  • ktorrent p -- BitTorrent Client
  • azureus -- Java based BitTorrent Client.
  • frostwire -- Gnutella2 Client, LimeWire Pro fork, open source, No content blocking, No restrictive trademark.

FTP Client

  • kget -- advanced gui download manager
  • Konqueor -- KDE's file browser, good for browsing FTP also!
  • gftp p
  • ftp p -- console application
  • wget -- advanced cli download manager

FTP Server

  • proftpd -- presinstalled on SOHO server

Web Page Design

  • nvu -- best visual editor
  • bluefish -- best code editor
  • aptana -- Dreamweaver-like Web Page builder / IDE (Integrated Development Environment), open source.
  • quanta

Web Server

Content Management System

E-Mail Server

  • zimbra -- Collaboration Suite (email server, calendar & scheduling) with AJAX web client, has an open source version.
  • qmail -- Email Server Suite, open source.

PBX Server

  • Asterisk PBX -- Private telephone Branch eXchange Server, VoIP compatibility, open source.

Wireless Portal Authentication


Image Editors

Image Viewers

  • Picasa -- Picture organizer and editor from Google.
  • gqview-- Simple image browser with thumbnail capability. Uses GTK+ 2.x. Available through synaptic or apt-get.
  • qiv -- Quick Image Viewer (qiv) is a very small and fast GDK/Imlib image viewer. Available through synaptic or apt-get.
  • gwenview -- Feature-packed yet fast image viewer and browser; Can rotate and mirror images without harming EXIF data in jpegs (unlike some other simple viewers/editors).


  • PythonCAD -- PythonCAD an open source CAD software writen in Python.
  • qcad -- 2D
  • VariCAD, download / Debian Installer
  1. alternative download -


  • kooka p-- Scan and OCR program
  • Xsane -- Another choice with intuitive interface


Music Player

Music Ripper

Music composer/editors


Video Player

Video Recording/Ripping

  • k9copy -- similar to dvdshrink, easy to use.
  • dvdrip -- rip dvds to avi/mpeg/divx/xvid, available through Synaptic/apt-get
  • avidemux -- a virtualdub clone, available through Synaptic/apt-get
  • option -- dvddecryptor plus dvdshrink run in MS Windows emulator wine.
  • XDVDshrink -- open source dvdshrink, only copies the main film. Use alien to convert to .deb.
  • tovid -- a collection of video disc authoring tools; it can help you create your own DVDs, VCDs, and SVCDs for playback on your home DVD player. Unofficial .deb available.
  • lxdvdrip -- a Command Line Tool to make a copy from a Video DVD for privateuse.

Video Editor





Vulnerability Scanner

  • nessus -- has open source version.
  • snort -- Intrusion Detection Software, open source, in use by govt./military.



  • Mondo -- easy to use, gui, open source.
  • amanda -- backup multiple computers to single large capacity tape drive.
  • keep p
  • partimage p
  • konserve

System Admin

  • webmin -- web-based frontend for comprehensive system administration
  • Puppet -- multi-server admin tool, automation, propagation, easier than other similar multi-server tools.

Network Monitor

  • zabbix -- advanced monitoring, alerting and visualisation. open source. review.
  • cacti -- easy to use frontend for RRDTool.
  • Nagios -- host and service monitor designed to inform you of network problems before your users.
  • OpenNMS -- Network Monitor System.

Bandwidth Manager

  • bandwidth arbitrator -- fair division of bandwidth, dynamic, auto-configuring. Author also sells rack mount.


  • MRTG -- Multi Router Traffic Grapher, monitors SNMP network devices and graphs traffic.

SQL Database Server

  • PostgreSQL -- feature rich, enterprise class, easy to use, standards compliant, in use by Hospitals, etc.
  • FirebirdSQL -- not as easy to use, but solid, high performance, low overhead, enterprise class, in use by 911 call centers, etc.
  • MySQL -- high compatibility; this once plebeian database is gaining ground in features and stability.
  • EnterpriseDB -- Oracle compatible, built upon PostgreSQL, integrated pre-configured drivers, admin & reporting tools, closed source but has a free version. Sony Online (Everquest,SWG,etc.) is switching from Oracle to this.

Terminal Server

Distributed Filesystem

  • OpenAFS -- phase-out your old insecure centralized file/ftp server.


  • OpenSSI -- Single System Image (many computers appear as one system to the user/program), has debian Sarge version.
  • dcc -- Debian Cluster Components, multi-server collaborative processing.
  • article -- clustering tools overview and discussion.

Virtual Machine

  • VirtualBox -- Free for non-commercial use. GPL version free for any users.
  • VMWare -- VMWare is a desktop virtualization software for software developers/testers and enterprise IT professionals that runs multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single PC. VMWare player and VMWare server are available for free.
  • Parallels -- (Not free) Parallels is a desktop virtualization solution that enables users to create multiple independently operating, completely self-contained virtual machines on a single PC.
  • qemu -- Free, not terribly fast or sturdy, but fun to play with. Networking can be troublesome.
  • xen -- open source
  • user-mode-linux -- open source

Emulation & Compatibility

  • ntfs-3g -- provides Linux with read/write access to MS Windows NTFS file systems.
  • ifs -- provides MS Windows with read/write access to Linux Ext2/Ext3 file systems.
  • WINE -- MS Windows API Implementation - Runs software made for MS Windows.
  • Crossover Office -- (Not free) MS Windows API Implementation - Runs software made for MS Windows.
  • LIFLG -- Loki Installers For Linux Gamers - Installs games made for MS Windows.
  • DOSbox -- Nice DOS emulator, mostly good for playing old DOS games. Easier to use with dosbox front end.
  • snes9x -- Super Nintendo emulator.
  • stella -- Atari 2600 console simulator. Ahhh, nostalgia.


  • gramps -- Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System.

Screen Saver

Remote Access

  • NX Client and Sever -- Very fast remote desktop program.
  • ssh p -- Terminal OpenSSH client, also available through GUI in Konqueror by using kioslave protocol fish://ip_address
  • vncviewer
  • vncserver


  • NetBeans IDE -- Cross-platform Java IDE. Available free for non-commercial use.
  • KDevelop -- KDevelop is an easy to use Integrated Development Environment for developing C/C++ applications under X11.
  • Django -- Python Web Development Framework (like "ruby on rails" for Python).
  • WebGUI -- Web application development framework that handles content management.
  • OpenLaszlo -- Web application development framework. article.
  • Gambas -- Gambas is a free development environment based on a Basic interpreter with object extensions, like Visual Basic™
  • subversion -- Source code version control system, a compelling replacement for CVS.
  • savane -- Web-based Free Software Development Hosting System with bug tracking, project & member management, mailing lists.


  • R -- Free/Open Source flavour of S-Plus. R Installation Tips for MEPIS
  • ESS -- (EMACS Speaks Statistics) R interface for the EMACS editor.
  • GRASS -- GIS package.
  • Celestia -- 3d model of the solar system, very educational.
  • GnuPlot -- GnuPlot is a command-line driven interactive data and function plotting utility.
  • Octave -- GNU Octave is a high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations. It uses GnuPlot for graphing.
  • Euler -- EULER is a program for quickly and interactively computing with real and complex numbers in the style of MatLab.
  • KStars -- KStars is a Desktop Planetarium for KDE.
  • rasmol -- shows different views of molecules.
  • Folding@Home -- Proteine folding distribute computing.


Firstly Please see; This list of Games that can be installed on Mepis

Adventure Games

  • adonthell
  • kq

Arcade Games

  • AlienArenaGE -- 3D FPS, has linux version, by CodeRED, not open source.
  • Cube -- 3D FPS, has linux version, open source.
  • tuxkart -- a Go-kart racing game.
  • tuxracer/ppracer -- slalom ski-ing game
  • supertux -- superMario type clone
  • pingus -- a lemmings clone
  • blobwars
  • defendguin -- a defender clone.
  • games -- A great Open Source Games collection, most have Linux versions.

Board Games

  • xboard + gnuchess -- chess game.
  • Risk -- Java-based Risk clone.

Card Games

  • kpat --- a.k.a. patience; 14 versions of solitaire
  • pysol --- probably the biggest collection of solitaire games in one program. dozens of cardsets available as well.

Tactics & Strategy



  • TuxMath -- Arithmetic learning game. Similar to the classic "Missle Command" game, except to shoot down the falling bombs kids must solve a mathematical problem and type in the answer. Difficulty and speed can be tailored to the child's age and ability. Much for fun than a time test!
  • TuxType -- Typing tutor. Kids type in the letter or word on a falling fish and tux eats the fish if they're right.
  • GCompris -- Collection of various educational games for children bundled together in a series of submenus. Most of the games are fairly simple, probably best for pre-schoolers.
  • Childsplay -- Another collection of educational games aimed at young children.

Desktop Fun

  • xpenguins -- Summon swarms of penguins to waddle about the desktop. Can be customized with a variety of characters and behaviors. (need to enable "allow programs to run in root window" in KDE).
  • oneko -- Cartoon kitten that follows your mouse around the screen. Switches can change it to a puppy, little boy, little girl, and others.
  • xteddy -- Kids can choose from a variety of friends to place on the screen.


  • TuxPaint -- is meant to be a simple drawing program for young children. It IS meant to be fun and easy to use. Sound effects and a cartoon character help let the user know what's going on, and keeps them entertained.
  • Ktuberling -- simple "Mr Potato Head" type game for little ones learning to use the mouse. Choose from Potato, Penguin, or Underwater canvas/accessory sets.

Desktop Environments

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