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Linuxant modem driver installation

Linuxant's DriverLoader is a compatibility-wrapper allowing standard Windows NDIS (Network Driver Interface Specification) drivers shipped by hardware vendors to be used as-is on Linux x86 systems. If interested in using it, check first the supported hardware list.

64 bit

This procedure is for installing drivers is for MEPIS 6.5, 64 bit. It was tested on a HP Pavilion zv6000 laptop [1].

Most of this work must be done in root!

1.Install linux-headers for your system, and create the symbolic link.

2.Download the tar version of the Linuxant driver from here, and install.

3. When running hsfconfig, you may be asked for the location of the source or headers. In this case you would respond with: /usr/src/linux


[1] The test computer was having lockup problems with these drivers, but this was solved by setting Flow Control: to "Software[XON/XOFF]. This setting is found in kppp - Configure - Modems - Edit

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