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Workarounds for getting cards with Broadcom drivers to work

  • Workaround 1: removing ndiswrapper to use the native driver, best for drivers below bcm4318.

1. Open a terminal, and become root. Type:

rmmod ndiswrapper
modprobe bcm43xx

2. Open Network Assistant, click the Wireless tab, supply your SSID (or "any" or "default")
3. On the General tab, set to Manual, click Stop network, then Start network. Should connect after a bit of a wait, typically on eth1 interface. If not, click on the Interfaces tab, and check the box Start/restart on Apply.
4. If not, click the radio button for Automatic (networkmanager), then Apply. Ignore the warning about rebooting. You may need to Stop and Start the network again. Then you must start the Knetworkmanager application and select the network you wish to use.

  • Workaround 2: using Ndiswrapper by removing competing drivers and the native driver, best for bcm4318 drivers and above.

1. Follow the steps already outlined in Using Ndiswrapper to identify and remove competing Ndiswrapper drivers.
2. Remove the native driver by opening a terminal, becoming root, and typing in sequence:

rmmod bcm43xx
rmmod ndiswrapper
ndiswrapper -r bcmwl5
ndiswrapper -r bcmwl5a
modprobe ndiswrapper

3. Then follow steps 2-4 in Workaround 1 above.

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