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If you know what module you need to load this is how you load a module.

Gather information

  • Find out if the module is available to be loaded by entering this command as root:
modinfo module name

Substitute the actual module name. Thus for the module snd-intel8x0 the command becomes:

modprobe snd-intel8x0
  • See if the module is already being loaded:

If the list is too long, you can add a pipe and grep command to find your module:

lsmod | grep module name

Load the module

  • Once you have figured out what module you need and know it is available, do this command as root:
modprobe module name
  • Next add the module to the module autoload list by executing this command as root:
echo module name >> /etc/modules

Again, substitute the actual module name.

Unload module

modprobe -r module name

Automatic loading

If you need a module to load automatically at boot, you can insert the module name manually (as root) into


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