Lucent(Agere) LT Winmodem/Stratitec IA56 Internal

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The modem is known by many names: Lucent LT Winmodem, Lucent Winmodem agere 1648C-tv5, Stratitec IC56A. This how-to developed by burdicda

1. Install Mepis 6.5-32
2. Install MC (midnite commander)
3. Install linux-headers 2.6.15-27-desktop
4. Install current full tar.gz of martian
5. Unpack martian somewhere you can work on it /home/user/martian or similar
6. As root go into the subdir where martian is located and run the following:

make all
make install

then go into the subdir called scripts and run


7. Now you can delete martian it's installed
8. Edit /etc/default/linux-restricted-modules-common

9. Edit /etc/init.d/martian

10. Now as root enter update-rc.d martian defaults

You're done!

Now by default I found the eth0, eth1 wireless, and wlan0 all had entries in ifconfig that distracted ppp0 from finding dns just tell the modem to hangup, or before you dial out as root type ifconfig and look to see if anything else is running and for each one type ifconfig ethxxx down or ifconfig wlan0 down and kill them all except lo then dial out with your now working modem

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