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!!! Warning! The info contained in this article pertains to older versions of MEPIS !!!
Using MEPIS OS Center is the recommended method of configuring and starting/stopping the network interfaces.

  1. Get to MEPIS Utilities in one of these ways: a) right-click the desktop, click Run Command, and type "mutilities" and enter your root password; b) Click System icon --> Settings --> System Administration --> MEPIS Utilities, enter root password; c) open a shell (KMenu --> System --> Konsole), become root (su + password), type "mutilities."
  2. Once MEPIS Utilities is open, click Network Interfaces.
  3. See where WiFi is located (e.g., eth0), then go to that tab and click "Start at System Boot" and "Use DHCP for IP" (unless you have a static IP address you use). Click Apply.
  4. Click on the Wifi tab and supply the ESSID of your network. Click Apply.
  5. Finally go back to the Status tab, stop anything that is running, and start the interface for your wifi.
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