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As a new MEPIS user coming from Windows, you will need to reorient yourself concerning your most common system functions, applications and locations. This list "translates" some of the most common Windows terms into MEPIS equivalents.

MEPIS equivalents to common Windows Terms
Term Equivalent
Add/Remove Programs Click KMenu --> System → Administration → Synaptic Package Manager. See Synaptic for details on this and other methods of installing/removing software.
Bittorrent The default Bittorrent client in MEPIS is Ktorrent. Vuze (formerly called Azureus) is also available for download and installation
Control Panel The most common functions are found by clicking KMenu --> System --> System Configuration (Settings).
Explorer Konqueror. Click the house icon to open /home directory. Accessing files and directories outside your /home/user directory will require opening the file manager in SuperUser Mode: click KMenu --> System --> File System --> File Manager -Super User Mode, and enter your root password.
Favorites Firefox, Opera and Konqueror all have Bookmarks, which are equivalent to "Favorites" in Internet Explorer.
Folder Although graphically symbolized by a manila folder icon in Windows, this is actually called a directory and is abbreviated in MEPIS as d or dir.
Internet Explorer The web browsers Firefox and Konqueror, installed with MEPIS, allow you to search the Web and visit Web sites: KMenu --> Internet --> Firefox or Konqueror. You can also install Opera through Synaptic
Log Off To close all your programs and leave the computer ready for someone else to log in, click KMenu --> Log Out, and choose End Current Session.
Media Player Amarok (installed with MEPIS) and Kaffeine are good equivalents. See also the software listed in Linux software
Microsoft Office
MSN messenger, AIM, Yahoo IM, GTalk Try Gaim (Pidgin) or Kopete, both installed with MEPIS. You could also try aMSN as a replacement for MSN Messenger. A good alternative is the web service:
My Computer See My computer. Other methods exist. The easiest access to drives and devices, for instance, is through the Kwikdisk icon (3 cubes) on kicker (the panel). To drill down within a given drive or device, you use Konqueror.
My Documents Click the house icon to enter your home directory (/home/YourUserName) in Konqueror. There is a Documents folder already set up that you can use, though you can organize your documents any way you wish.
Outlook A similar program, Kontact, is supplied with MEPIS.
Printers Click KMenu --> System --> System Configuration (Settings) --> Peripherals --> Printers to set up printers.
Recycle Bin Trash works much the same way as the Recycle Bin.
Shortcut Outside of Windows this is known as a link or symbolic link. To create a link on your desktop, see this page
Start button KMenu -- click MEPIS icon on left end of kicker (taskbar).
Task Manager Press Ctrl-Esc to enter the KDE System Guard, where you can monitor and kill processes as needed.
Windows Update An updates available icon is installed by default in kicker (the taskbar). It notifies you with a green arrow and the number of new updates whenever they become available.

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