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!!! Warning! The info contained in this article pertains to older versions of MEPIS !!!



Note, most of this article was written in August 2007 and precedes MEPIS 7.0 b2. To which version it applies is not clear.

For the most part everything installs easily off of the live CD.

Note: The install will ask you to install GRUB which is fine if you are just running a single or dual boot machine. If you are running a triple boot machine thought you might want to install LILO and uninstall GRUB as soon as possible. The reason being is that GRUB will hijack your Refit selection and make you also select the Windows partition in GRUB. This would be OK but the MacBook Pro has a firmware issue where the keyboard does not often work in the GRUB or LILO menu. This difference with LILO is that it will not bother your Refit Windows selection.

What doesn't work

  • ATI Driver
  • Wireless
  • Sound
  • Touchpad Sensitivity

ATI Driver

I think installing the fglrx from the Synaptics Package Manager and then selecting it in the MEPIS X-Window Assistant should fix this problem and allow higher resolutions and the use of Beryl.


Finding the Windows drivers (I will link to them here when I find them) and using the NDISWrapper should fix this.

Touchpad Sensitivity

The touch click is very sensitive so something in /etc/xorg.conf may have to be configured or using ksynaptics.

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