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Potential problems:

  • Boot using Safeboot option at GRUB menu.
  • If that doesn't solve the problem: reboot, highlight the kernel you want to boot to and edit the kernel line by adding the options vga=normal and xdrvr=vesa, if xdrvr=vesa doesn't help, try with xdrvr=fbdev.
  • Boot using acpi=force at GRUB menu
  • Boot using acpi=off at GRUB menu

If the problem developed after you installed and changed some video configurations or you upgraded MEPIS, but you do NOT get graphical (KDM) login when you boot MEPIS, then try to:

  1. Boot with Live CD.
  2. Log in with root login and password.
  3. Start MEPIS X-Windows Assistant.
  4. On the Repair tab, select the drive and partition where MEPIS is installed from the pull-down menus
  5. Click Apply

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